1. What is NGames ?
NGames is one of the premium game streaming platform where users can play interactive games.

2. How can I access NGames ?
You can access NGames by visiting www.ngamesnp.com

3. Can I use NGames without subscription?
No, you need to subscribe at least one of the packages from daily & 3 day Pack on Six months and one year Instalment Basis . You also have choice of Upfront 6 months and Upfront One Year packages to get access to the NGames.

4. How much do I pay for subscribing to NGames?
You can subscribe to different subscription plans for NGames Gaming Service as mentioned in table below:

Subscription Packs
S.No. Package Validity (Days) Price (incl Taxes)
6 Month Installment Pack
1 6 Month Installment Pack (3 Day Instalment) 180 Rs. 840.00 (Rs. 14.00/3 Day)
1 Year Installment Pack
2 1 Year Installment Pack (3 Day Instalment) 360 Rs. 1560.00 (Rs. 13.00/3 Day)
Subscription Via Upfront Payment
1 6 Month Upfront Payment Pack 180 Days Rs. 756.00/6 month
2 1 Year Plan Upfront Payment Pack 360 Days Rs. 1248.00/Year

5. How many games can I play per subscription?
You can play unlimited games within your subscription validity period. There is no restriction on which games you want to play.

6. Is multiple subscription of different plan allowed?
Multiple subscription of different plan is not allowed.

7. How can I Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the service?
The following channels and process is used for activation and deactivation of the service.

  1. From SMS
    Subscription Pack Activation Keyword Deactivation Keyword Send To
    NGames 6 Months Upfront Pack ACT NGU6M 31105
    NGames 1 Year Upfront Pack ACT NGU1Y 31105
    NGames 6 Months 3 Days Instalment Pack ACT NGI6M3 DEACT NGI6M3 31105
    NGames 1 Year 3 Days Instalment Pack ACT NGI1Y3 DEACT NGI1Y3 31105
  2. From WAP
    Go to link www.ngamesnp.com and follow the instruction.

8. In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?
This service be applicable in all tariff plan of Ncell prepaid and postpaid Customer.

9. Is my current phone eligible for Play Games?
If your phone supports mobile data WAP services you can play games. You may also check your phone compatibility by referring to your phone manual.

10. Do I need to pay extra for playing games content in the portal?
You need not to pay any extra charges except data browsing charges or you can play free of cost via Wi-Fi-Network.